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                        Our Services – (Association Functional Requirements)

Homeowner (HO) Relations:

Receive, log and process all communications from/to HOs (voice, fax, letter, email, etc.).
Ensure all HO calls are responded to within 24 hours.
Ensure all communications are routed to the appropriate responder.
Setup, maintain and report status to the Board HO communication logs and resolutions.
Notify Association Welcome Committee when there are new homeowners
Distribute newsletter to HOs.
Maintain, change and disseminate gate security codes (entry, tennis courts and pool).
Purchase, resell and program remotes for entry gates.
Prepare Association agendas for monthly (TBD) Association board meetings, if requested.
Prepare material for annual HOs meeting (including Association agendas, minutes, notifications to HOs, presentation material, etc.).
Recommend and coordinate space and presentation equipment for annual HO meetings.
Prepare material for board elections and special elections, if needed (to include candidate resumes, ballots, etc.).
Setup, maintain and update Association database; this should be a relational database linking all Association HO data (HOs address, e-mails, lots, etc.).
Prepare and distribute mailings to HOs in support of the board activities.
Maintain and provide to HOs an updated list of Association contact phone numbers (security, gate, CC&R issues, after-hours issues, etc.).
Recommend and, if approved by the Board, establish and maintain a process to track house rentals WITHIN Association.

Infrastructure Maintenance (Contract/Vendor Monitoring):

Assist the Board in the road maintenance program, including drainage Association issues.
Assist the Board with common area maintenance (weeds, fire prevention, etc.).
Assist the Board with safety issues.
Coordinate annual noxious weed program to include HO notifications.
Coordinate all vendor activities/contracts
Security company
Snow removal company
Landscape contract (including doggie stations)
Road sweeping
Tennis court maintenance
Organize spring and fall cleanups
Mail station maintenance
Monument maintenance
Gate maintenance
Painting (roads, mail stations, bollards, etc.)
Verify satisfactory performance of contracts (via drive-through or other Board-approved validation).
Assist Board in preparing new and replacement contracts and follow-up, as needed.
Make recommendations to the Board regarding areas within Association that would benefit from an improvement in landscaping or operations.

Association Office Support:

Setup and maintain Board approved filing system for Association records to include ARC and CC&R materials.
Provide storage for Association for miscellaneous Association items.
With Board approval, purchase and maintain Association office supplies (paper, letterhead, etc.).

ARC and CC&R Enforcement:

Review all submittals for completeness, work with HOs to provide missing data, this includes responding to HO questions.
Forward completed packages of the Association to the appropriate Board or Architectural Review Committee members and track progress through ARC process.
After ARC meeting, with Board oversight and approval, prepare responses to HO’s, designers and builders, as needed. This includes letters to the neighbors of pending actions that might impact them. Consolidate any responses and notify the appropriate Board member.
After ARC meeting, update HOs file, as needed.
Receive, log and respond to all HO and external communications related to the ARC or CC&R enforcement (including complaints).
Update to appropriate local and state offices any legal changes to HOs.
Provide updates to HO relations, as needed.
Establish and conduct on-site review process for new construction, remodels, landscaping installations, and exterior changes.
Perform periodic “drive through” inspections to ensure compliance with ARC and CC&Rs.
With Board oversight, send out appropriate compliance or non-compliance with HOs.
Store all relevant materials at the Association office, in an approved filing system.
Identify any needed updates or changes to the CC&Rs and Design Guidelines.
Publish and distribute all updates to CC&Rs and Design Guidelines to all HOs.

Bookkeeping Services:

Manage monthly, quarterly and annual homeowner dues billings.
Manage the collection process of HOA fees.
Full-cycle bookkeeping to include:
Receive and process all monies received for the Association.
Process all payables due by the Association, with the Board of Directors’ approval for payment.
Produce monthly financial statement to the treasurer.
Compile state and federal tax return information and deliver in a timely manner to the CPA for preparation.
With Board of Directors oversight:
Assist in management of investments and reserve funds.
Prepare annual reserve analysis.
Prepare and track yearly budget.
Prepare and send “notice” letters, as needed.
Respond to title company questions and requests.
Maintain bank accounts
Accept, track and process ARC deposits and refunds.

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